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WOW 10-9-2013

This weeks WOW is brought to you by fellow Spahten trainer Todd Cambio.   He’s a Spartan Group-X certified personal trainer.  If you get a chance, stop by his web page

I. Do as many Burpees (with or with out the push up, your choice) as you can in 5 minutes.

Rest 5 minutes then go on to the following:

ONE minute of work : One Minute recovery.

II. Prisoner Squats – keep hands behind your head with out pulling your on your head and squat to 90 degrees.  AMAP in 1 min.

rest 1 min

III. Push Ups – chest to floor or chest to an elevated surface depending on your ability level.  AMAP in 1 min.

Rest 1 min

IV. Body Rows or Pull ups – I use Lebert Equalizers, a TRX or a barbell in a squat rack to get my body row in.  You can also do pull ups depending on what you have a valuable. legs bent at 90 degrees under the tool of choice.  Pull chest to hand height.  AMAP in 1 min.

Rest 1 min.

V. Jump Lunges – leg burner for sure!  AMAP in 1 min.

Rest 1 min.

VI. Flutter Kicks – lay on your back and with fully extended legs, scissor kick your legs to a full 90 degrees from floor to straight up towards the sky.  AMAP in 1 min.

Rest as needed and stretch when recovered.

Cheat Sheet:

I. Burpee Challenge 5:5

II. Prisoner Squats 1:1

III. Push Ups 1:1

IV. Body Rows 1:1

V. Jump Lunges 1:1

VI. Flutter Kicks 1:1

AMAP = As Many As Possible

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