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WOW 3/17/2014

SPAHTENS!  We did this wow a few months ago.  Did you write down your time?  Maybe you have improved since then!

This week’s wow will test your ability to pace yourself.  As we all know, pace is KING in racing.  Walking the fine line between too fast and fast enough to be sustainable is key.  Learning where your line is can be paramount for your PR’s in OCR.  This is a great WOW to do a couple times this week.  See if you can improve your time each time you do it.  Aroo!

Print the worksheet , fill in the following movements and get ready to rock this wow!

  1. Air Squats
  2. Super Plank (1 rep= Go down & up leading with right hand, then down & up leading with left hand)
  3. Split Jumps
  4. Scissor Kicks
  5. Bear Crawls  (Measure out 10 paces.  Each length = 1 rep)

Finish out this WOW with 2-3 miles of trail running (Ok ok, you can use the road.  IF YOU MUST)!

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