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WOW 5-19-2014

This workout is Tabata (20s work / 10s rest). You will do 2 groups of exercises, one after the other 8 times each (as a super set). Do the first exercise in Round 1 for 20s, then rest 10s. While resting you are getting ready to start the 2nd exercise of that round. You will promptly start exercise 2 after your 10s of rest. Once you have done exercise 2 for 20s you will rest 10s and get ready to start all over again with the first exercise. Once you have done each exercise 8 times, Round 1 is completed. This will take 8 minutes to complete round 1. You will then repeat this exact process for round 2 with the next group of exercises. Once completed 8 minutes of round 2, proceed to round 3. 

Try to maintain the same number of reps you get the first time through each round throughout the round. 

For your best experience, print or write down the movements and have them handy so you know what to do next



Mountain Climbers

Knee Up Sit Up



Lunge w/Leg raise

Push Up



Box Jump

Scissor Kick


Great job!  Now go out and enjoy the weather!  Do something cardiovascular like biking,  joging, walking the dog or even playing with the kids!  AROO!

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