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WOW 6-11-13

The Work Out of the Week (WOW) is here.  If you are new, please be sure to visit and review our “at home training” page on the NES Blog.  You can find all kinds of info on creating your own workouts!  This workout is made directly from there.  Let’s get to it!

1) Print out the Tabata Sheet

2) Fill it in with the following movements:

Round 1)

  • Arm Circles (hold a can of soup in each hand)
  • Burpees

Round 2)

  • Pushups
  • Box jumps/ step ups (use some stairs at home for this)

Round 3)

  • Alternating shoulder press (hold cans of soup in each hand and press overhead alternating hands.  Keep going the whole 20 seconds)
  • Jump Squats

3) Follow the format of the sheet and have fun!  For added exercise, do a 30 minute jog, before, after or BOTH!  Aroo!  See you all in the Mud!  RUCKUS Boston is up next!

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