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WOW 6-16-14

Good morning Spahten!  It’s a new week, a new day, a new beginning!  Let’s make the most of it with this weeks WOW!

Print today’s worksheet and fill it in with the following movements:

  1. Mountain  climber
  2. Box jump
  3. Marching Plank
  4. Reverse Lunge
  5. Side Press

Great job!  now get out and go for a walk or run for 30+ minutes!

1 thought on “WOW 6-16-14

  1. Great WOD Rob. 3.6 rounds of pushup/squats, and 17:40 for the ladder sets. In and out of the gym in 35 minutes including warmup and shower. Now to hit the trails tonight when it cools down a smidge!

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