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WOW 7-15-2013

Ok we’ve not done this one in a little while and many have said they like it so here we go…

Print this worksheet and fill it in with the following movements:

  1. Bear Crawls (15 yards = 1)
  2. Air Squats
  3. In and outs
  4. Hindu Pushup  (see how here:
  5. Lunge (# per leg)

Now that you have your sheet all filled out.  Go for a 30 minute jog/run and then come back and do this WOW.  If you are feeling it, do another jog after the WOW.  Bring the intensity and maintain it throughout the WOW.  Going through the motions is not good enough, you are Spahten!  Bring it people!  Post your times below in this thread.

*Note: Switch out the movements for part 1 to the following: Exercise 1: Pull Ups.  Exercise 2: Sit Ups.

4 thoughts on “WOW 7-15-2013

  1. 31:18 for me. That was kickass WOW!!

  2. I didn't even look at the clock when I finished!!! Tough workout!!!!

  3. I did this WOW tonight with the Granite State Spahtens Training group and it's a beast! 29:58 for me with a 1 mile warm up run and hill sprints relay race before the wod (Inplace of part 1 on the wow sheet). Great times and great job Alison Hersom, mark berry, ann berry and shannon!

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