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WOW 7-2-13

Happy Independence Day!  Please take a moment to thank a Veteran for the sacrifices they have made for us all ensuring our independence!

This weeks workout is not one found on our templates/worksheets.  It’s a partner workout but can also be done alone.  So…  Grab a friend, maybe get everyone at the BBQ to join in.  Turn it into a competition.  Which team can get the most rounds in 20 minutes! Get in groups of two and do the following:

1 person works while the other person rests.  After 1st person is done, switch places (2nd person goes).  Keep doing this for 20:00.  Count your rounds and see what team can do the most!

  • Jump Squats x8
  • Mountain Climbers x8
  • Burpee’s x8

* If you do this WOW alone, simple take 1 minute rest between sets to catch your breath (Good luck with that!).  🙂

As always, for added awesomeness go for a run first, after, or BOTH!  Remember people, this is about intensity.  Dont just go through the motions, bring it like a SPAHTEN!!!!

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