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WOW 7-8-2013

This week we are going to do a format that we have not yet done so there is no worksheet.

Grab 2 dice from the Monopoly game in your kids closet and write down the following on a sheet of paper:

1 = Burpee

2= Air Squats

3= Push ups

4= Sit ups

5= Split Jumps

6= In and Outs

Now, roll 2 dice and see what numbers you get.  Do 15 reps of each exercise based on what you rolled (ie.. Rolled a 2 & 5 = Air Squats x15 & Split Jumps x15) complete these exercises and do 2:00 of one of the following:  jump rope, jumping jacks, or jogging.  This will be 1 round.

Repeat this for 25:00.  See how many rounds you can get.  Each round you will do 2 exercises and 1 cardio (jump rope, jumping jack or run).   For added difficulty, do a 25-30 min run before, after or before AND after this WOW!

Have fun!


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