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WOW 9-10-13

This week, we will do Tabata couplets!  Tabata work is a great supplement to a running program because it really keeps the heart rate up, which improves endurance AND you get the benefit of the muscle work you are doing at the same time thus maximizing your precious time! 

First, print the tabata couplets worksheet.  Next, put on your favorite Spahten Training Shirt  and fill it in with these movements:

Round 1

Exercise 1: Speed Skaters

Exercise 2: Push Up

Round 2

Exercise 1: Mason Twists

Exercise 2: Mountain Climber

Round 3

Exercise 1: Plank with kick through

Exercise 2: Burpee

*If you are feeling like you want more endurance work (and have the time), add 30-45 min of jogging BEFORE you do this wow.  Keep training!

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