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You will know at the finish line. But will you understand?

I should someday string all my posts on the Beast, Ultra Beast, DNF, and the Death Race together.  Maybe someone with web-sense and a little more polish than me can do that.  For now heres a quick post I threw out there yesterday in a small private group.

Im a little upset at the quietness of this group. No not upset, surprised? But not surprised. I’m sure its contemplation. We more than anyone know what this race means. For us its more than miles and obstacles. Its personal validation. Vindication even. Not an opportunity to tell anyone else what we have done, but to prove to ourselves that we are what we believe ourselves to be. Finishers. People who finish what we start. I myself am still wrestling with registering. A registration is the first and the largest obstacle. Because its not one hurdle but a whole race in and of itself. Im not sure that I can hurdle it. But I’m ok with that. Maybe this year, maybe next, maybe never, maybe something even more grand. The fact of the matter is, UB finisher or not, we are people who get shit done. We attempt great and difficult things for ourselves. Not for anyone else. When we toe the line, we are greater than any of our detractors. Our first stride, is our greatest accomplishment not our last.

Define your win.  Define your success. Keep the hunger alive in your heart.  Everyday need not be a PR in everything.  Everyday in motion toward positivity is a PR for that day.  Every day is a new day.

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