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Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves


i know this is one product where you are in one of two camps either you swear by them and think they are the greatest thing in the world or you cant stand them and think they dont do anything.

I am in the camp of thinking they are the greatest thing in the world. i am still what would be called a beginner runner so i still have a lot of calf cramping and shin splints issues so after a little research i figured it wouldn’t hurt to give compression sleeves a try. the zensha sleeves are light weight and breath very and even when your getting deep in the much they stay in place and dry off fast as well unlike some other sleeves that feel more like a wet suite material. when you start to run and you feel the tightness in your calf starting you will feel these get a bit snug and stop the cramping from getting worse and within a min or two your legs will start to de cramp and feel refreshed and help you to keep pushing at the gym or at your run. post workout you will notice a benefit of a quicker recovery time and your legs feeling fresher. one more benefit to wearing the sleeves is that your legs will have that much more protection from that all dreaded dash rash.

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