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Zombie Charge – a little Zombie fun in CT

With Run for your Lives recently moving their event for it’s THIRD relocation, and moving their dates to coincide with several other local OCRs, I wanted to highlight the *other* Zombie guys in our region, who now find themselves taking on the more established – but apparently not better organized RFYL

We’ve talked to them before – but here’s a second look at Zombie Charge

Join team NE Spahtens – password “newengland” and use code Spahtens10 for $10 off your registration

Facebook event

(written in the Zombie third person :D)

C'mon zombies



Sept 7, 2013 – Zombe Charge will be (and stay) in eastern CT, just 5 miles from Foxwoods Casino.

Zombie Charge is new to the OCR circuit – but it was founded by 4 dedicated professionals with the goal of creating a internationally recognized brand for what a zombie run should really be.  Here’s what they’re not: they are not fly-by-nighters.  They are not in it to make a quick buck. They are not interested in putting on an event only to have people a.) not come back for another b.) ask for a refund or c.) say that was lame.

So what is Zombie Charge about?  First they are about the entire experience.  From the moment someone parks their car to the moment they leave, they will be having a great time.  They are about consistency.  Although each venue and location offers different landscapes, the obstacles will still be fun, challenging and many even unique. The zombies will be in character – the Zombie Charge way (what does that mean? Well, you have to register to be a zombie to learn how they help train their zombies). The volunteers are great and care.  They are about professionalism.  The OCR market is beginning to get crowded.  Zombie races are popping up all over the map – some offering far more than others.  Zombie Charge wants to be recognized as the best of the best.  They are about safety.  Although OCR can be potentially dangerous, maybe even more so with people (zombies) chasing after you, Zombie Charge is taking the appropriate steps to create the safest environment possible.

Right now Zombie Charge has opened registration in 2 areas.  Connecticut (New England) and Miami Florida.  We’ve received some inside information that they may soon be announcing 2 more 2013 zombie runs including Nashville TN and Houston TX.

Each course has 8-12 built obstacles depending on the terrain.  Each participant receives a tech t-shirt (one that you will want to wear even after the event), a medal, a beer and their Survivor/Zombie Head Buff.

They didn’t want to disclose too much of what happens at the event, wanting to leave some surprises, but did want to let our readers know they are taking their events very seriously.  They are OCR enthusiasts and event planners themselves and know what goes into the making of a solid event. Ever shoot a zombie?  Do you even know how fast some zombies can move?  Are you fast enough to outrun one? And what happens if you reach the finish line and you are infected? Well, Zombie Charge has special plans for those people!

Oh, check out their facebook page too (and other social media), they are very active on that and share some pretty funny “bleep.” @zombiecharge #zombiecharge

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